Review of HEART, SASS & SOUL: Journal Your Way to Inspiration and Happiness by Greta Solomon

I was asked by the author to review her book Heart, Sass & Soul. All views are my own.

Blurb: Heart, Sass & Soul is a warm, witty and honest guide to writing your way to a life that not only looks good—but feels good. It holds your hand as you explore the life-changing power of free writing and journaling. Through these activities, you’ll discover how to use creativity to find self-love, joy and happiness.

To be honest I am not into writing books. It gives me university vibes and I disliked uni with a passion. I haven’t read a writing book since then as well and I was surprised on how much I enjoyed this one. I found the tone of the book uplifting, positive and it felt like someone was cheering me on. The writing exercises weren’t daunting (which I found they were in other writing books) and the author really breaks them down. It’s a great book that helps you find your creative voice and I love reading about the authors own journey to finding her voice. Plus the cover is stunning!

The perfect book for those who need help writing and finding their voice. Full of practical tips and encouraging words, this is the book to help you with your writing journey!


You can purchase a copy here

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