Review of BOONE by Robyn Cranney

I was contacted by the author to read and review her book. All thoughts are my own (Abiola) 

Blurb: The smaller the town, the greater the danger…

Sporty sixteen-year-old Hailey Johnston suspects her life is over when her recently divorced mother moves her and her little sister to Clearmont, Wyoming, a place so diminutive the locals still believe in a town ghost.  Life looks more promising when she joins the local basketball team and meets Josh, the school’s star athlete. Not just tall, dark and handsome, he’s smart and charming, too. But if Josh is every girl’s dream, his ex-girlfriend is the stuff of nightmares. But then unpleasant things start to happen. The bugs in her locker are bad enough, but when the pranks start affecting her little sister—who claims to have seen the infamous town phantom, Old Man Boone, outside her bedroom window—Hailey has had enough. Whether the ex is to blame or something more sinister, Hailey isn’t sure. What she does know is that trouble is afoot, and it’s up to her to discover the truth before someone gets hurt.

Hailey and Josh become the 'golden' couple at their school but Hailey has serious trust issues because of her dad, so when Josh is a gentlemen, Hailey finds it hard to receive it. Hailey's little sister Sarah complains of seeing a ghost at her window and Hailey goes to great lengths to try and solve the mystery. The question is, is Sarah really seeing a ghost?

I'm not a Kindle person, so it took me much longer than usual to read this book. I liked the concept of the town ghost haunting the sister but I wanted more about Josh's ex Nikki. You're told that Nikki is a mean girl but I wish there was more showing off her horrible behaviour. I didn't understand why people were scared of her. Tbh I felt like Nikki could have been way more of a bitch! I was trying to guess who Old Man Boone was and thought I had sussed it but the book ended up taking a different turn, which was very unexpected. I feel like the story line would have been even stronger if Hailey was the one being haunted by the 'ghost' rather than her sister but your heart can't help but go out to Sarah and her fear really projects of the page.

A good read!


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