Review of THE MOTHER by Yvette Edwards

I was in the library when I saw this book. I read the blurb and was instantly hooked. Before I even saw the author picture, I knew the story was about black characters due to their names and you know how I love my diverse books!

Blurb: Today, Marcia is heading to the Old Bailey. She's going there to do something no mother should ever have to do: to attend the trial of the boy accused of her son's murder. She's not meant to be that woman; Ryan, her son, wasn't that kind of boy. But Tyson Manley is that kind of a boy and, as his trial unfolds, it becomes clear that Marcia's greatest hope for closure lies with Manley's girlfriend Sweetie. But can Sweetie be trusted? 

Marcia is struggling to understand why her only child Ryan was murdered by Tyson. Ryan wasn't in a gang and the only link to the two boys is that they both fancied Sweetie but Sweetie keeps changing her testimony. From going to the trial, Marcia understands more of the world that Sweetie and Tyson come from and how in the end that affected Ryan.

I've read a lot of stories about knife crime but this one was different. It was told from the mum's perspective as she watches a trail unfold around her son's death. She's falling apart, her marriage is falling apart and the whole book is a question of why Ryan? I love Sweetie's story and her being a street girl and getting abused by the boys—mentally, physically and emotionally yet she falls for sweet Ryan. The only guy to treat her with respect. You get an insight into Tyson's family and you can understand why Tyson literally doesn't care that he is on trial for murder, yet Edwards is great at making you feel compassion for him. At a time when knife crime is at a high, I think The Mother is one of the most relevant reads today.


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Helen AbiolaComment