Review of OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS by Krystal Sutherland

I fell in love with this striking cover and the title. The blurb sounded like a strange love story which intrigued me and it was a lot more twisted than what I thought it would be.

Blurb: A bittersweet, funny, sad story of friendship, first love, and heartache, all rolled into one spellbinding tale, from a stunning debut novelist. For fans of John Green, Rainbow Rowell and E. Lockhart. Henry Page, a hopeless romantic and film buff, is smitten as soon as Grace Town walks into his classroom. But Grace - who looks in need of a good bath, is dressed in guy's clothing, and walks with a cane - is unlike any leading lady he's ever obsessed over. And when Henry and Grace are both offered positions as editors of their high school newspaper, the mystery of Grace begins to captivate him. Why does she visit a graveyard every afternoon? What secret does she keep locked away in her bedroom? Above all, why is Grace Town so deeply sad? Before he knows it, Henry is sure that he is the one to unlock her happiness. But Grace is capricious, changeable, infuriating, and, above all, damaged. Henry will need to be the strongest he has ever been to survive this particular love story.

Henry and Grace like each other but Grace is still haunted by the death of her first love. She grieves so much for him that she literally wears his clothes, lives with his family, visits his grave every day and she doesn't know how to escape her grief. Henry is aware that Grace is in love with a ghost but he wants to be the hero and rescue her, even though it's damaging him. 

I thought I knew where the story was going but I was fooled! Sunderland deals with depression so well, that it literally sucks you in. As the story goes on, you become more involved in Grace's grief and you pray that she will come out of it and live happily ever after but that's not to be. Henry (bless him) becomes broken by being around Grace. His idea of the perfect love is warped because of his parents, until he learns the truth. I love his relationships with his quirky best friends and I really wanted him and La to get together! If you are looking for a happily ever after love story, Our Chemical Hearts isn't that but what it is, is a really honest and raw account of loving someone you know is bad for you. And we've all been there!

A beautiful read! 


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