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Our latest Recommended Read is Young Warlock by Mathew Bridle!

About the book: Fire is forbidden to mages, when Dekor is finally shown it he falls to the lust of the flame. The way of the warlock is a path to darkness, not one for a graduate mage to even consider. "This will give you energy, it will also contain your lust for the flame. You must let your heart decide what path you will walk. Do not let anyone tell you that fire is evil. Evil is in the heart, not the hand." - Aunt Endor

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What’s your ‘elevator pitch’ for your book?

I actually got this together at The Author School in March 2017, it’s taken me years to get down.

A young mage goes on the run after attacking his mentor.

Who is your target reader?

I would say mid-teens and up. If you enjoy Harry Potter and are not yet ready for Lord of the Rings, then Young Warlock may well be what you are looking for.

When did you start writing your book and how long did it take?

Initially, Young Warlock began life as a longer work called Emun of Mor, which in truth was a bit rushed. I cut the end and added a new one and renamed it The End of Mor. It was still not right, so I rewrote it again adding in more background and a new direction. After four years Young Warlock was ready to roll.

What was the top challenge that you faced during the creation of your book?

Finding enough time. My mind is always coming up with ideas. Just being able to sift through them and get them down is challenge enough.

What publishing route did you opt for and why? 

Emun of Mor was published by an indie house, Vamplit Publishing, sadly they faded away. I’ve never been able to create a good synopsis and covering letters are a complete mystery to me, so I go self-publishing then crash right into the marketing void.

Is this your first book? 

No, my first was an 80s hack and slash horror called the Rising. I followed this with a sci-fi story called 3 Phaze, then an X-files style sci-fi/horror: Lagoon. After that were a couple I never got to publish: King of Kings, a future fantasy and another sci-fi called A World Lies Bleeding. Then came the fore mentioned Young Warlock, it’s direct sequel Fire Thorn.  So far I’ve had over 20,000 downloads, though my earlier titles are no longer available.

Do you plan to write another book(s) in the future? Do you have details you can share?

I have two novels on the boil: Dark Mistress, the third in the Young Warlock series and Masterplayer an Elizabethan spy drama with Shakespeare. There are also two screenplays, one of Masterplayer and another called Rain, vampire noir comedy.

What/who inspired you to become an author?

When I very young, we were set a task at school to write about a Wade Wimsy (porcelain collectables). Mine was Katy the Kitten which ended up taking up a whole exercise book.

Do you have a ‘day job’ or do you work solely as an author?

I do indeed have a day job, I teach woodwork and computing to adults with learning difficulties. But I am open to offers for writing.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the publishing industry? Are you happy that it has evolved so fast in recent years? Do you believe self-publishing is a force for good?

I find the whole publishing industry quite fascinating. It’s definitely in a state of flux. The self-publishing world is growing all the time pushing the digital boundaries. Add in print on demand and then you can produce some exceptional products, providing you get a good editor, cover design and marketing. Traditional mediums are determined to put up a fight. Though I must admit I was surprised by how much work published authors must put in to marketing if they want to succeed.

What’s next for you?

Next, keep on writing and learn to crack the marketing thing. I know I can write, I just need to convince a publisher or get noticed somehow.

If you could get a glowing review from three people who would they be and why?

Stephen Donaldson would be my first choice, the author of Thomas Covenant. I love his style and languid flow, his conflicted characters and devious twists.

J.K. Rowling would be another, mostly though I would love to listen to her thought process.

Suzanne Collins, I found the Hunger Games trilogy to be utterly enthralling. Each book built well on the previous one whilst remaining strong. They were well written, better than many others.

Thank you Mathew!










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