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About London Lit Lab

We're proud to be partnering with London Lit Lab, to help authors get expert advice when writing their books, and just after, when editing and seeking critique. Authors Lily Dunn and Zoe Gilbert are the people to go to for editorial advice and feedback services. As London Lit Lab they teach creative writing at beautiful venues around London. The rest of the time they help writers through mentoring, and giving feedback on their writing.

They will help you prepare your manuscript for submission, by writing a synopsis or readers’ report, and suggesting editorial changes in a redraft. They can also suggest line edits or even proof read your work, whether it’s a novel, short stories, or non-fiction.

Lily and Zoe can talk through what you need first, in person or on a Skype or phone call, and come up with a bespoke offer for you.

They’ve worked with writers on short story collections, novels, and non-fiction, including city guides and books on subjects ranging from yoga to accounting. Always friendly, approachable and supportive, they believe in helping everyone tell their own story the best they can.

London Lit Lab services

Critique: anything from a reader’s report to an annotated manuscript to proofreading. Test us out with a sample critique.

Mentoring: ongoing feedback from a published author, for as long or short a time as you need.



I am writer and a coach.

My writing takes many forms from blogging to novels and short stories. I enjoy blogging about life and sharing my experiences of the writing world. I began writing my first novel whilst working in my corporate career. I am now fortunate enough to be pursuing this passion alongside my coaching and, having completed my novel Pivotal in 2017, the focus for 2018 is getting the book published!

As a coach I have had the privilege of partnering with a wide variety of clients, either within businesses or as individuals, who have gone on to achieve great satisfaction and success in both their professional and personal lives.

By combining my writing and coaching skills, I am delighted to be helping others nurture their joy of words and unlock their creativity.

As my one-to-one client, I won’t teach you how to write, or tell you what to write, but I will nurture your creative writing talent and work with you to develop the confidence, resilience and persistence you need to realise your writing ambitions. Members of my online group, The Writers’ Pod, access affordable group coaching with the added support and camaraderie of like minded writers in a safe space to share each other’s challenges and successes.   

If you are interested in working with me as your coach or would like to know more about joining The Writers' Pod please do get in touch.