One-to-One with The Author School

Do you need individual advice for your book and career? Would you like to speak to publishers, a published author and a book PR to get one on one advice to answer your questions? 

The Author School has created a new opportunity for writers in five easy steps and it can be done from the comfort of your living room from anywhere in the world!

Get a fully bespoke consultation with the co-founders of The Author School (on Skype or face-to-face if in London) discussing YOUR book, YOUR author profile, YOUR goals to fine-tune YOUR strategy.


Step One:

Send us TEN questions that can be anything from 

 - How to find a great editor?

 - How to get to grips with building your online presence?

 - Where do I find illustrators?

 - How do I get media coverage?

 - Do I publish in print, e-book or both?

Whatever your question is - however big or small - we can help you!


Step Two:

Abiola and Helen will read your information, have a meeting about you and your questions BEFORE we talk to you, create some strategies, tips and ideas for you.


Step Three:

The three of us will get together in London or on Skype for two hours to discuss all of your questions and will give you practical advice.

If you’d like more time, we can make that happen. 


Step Four: 

We will write up our answers to your questions and email them to you and we will put together a written overview to help you focus your strategy even further.


Step Five:

If you want to arrange another meeting once you’re further down the line we’d be more than happy to make that happen!


Plus the opportunity to get your manuscript in front of literary agents and publishers. The Author School have partnered up with various agents and publishers who want to hear from OUR authors. 

  We are looking for strong manuscripts to submit. Don't miss this great opportunity to get your manuscript in the right hands.

Send us the first three chapters of your book

 - your synopsis

 - book blurb

 - your bio (or at least a few paragraphs about you) 

 - and where you’re at in the process (i.e. writing first draft, have had manuscript edited, it’s published but no one is buying it etc).

We cannot guarantee that a literary agent or publisher will sign you on but we CAN get your manuscript in front of them. 


Total cost for all of the above: £129