about us

The Author School was founded in 2015 by book publicist and journalist, Helen Lewis and children's/YA author, A. Bello, bringing together decades of experience in the publishing industry. Coincidentally, they both had the same idea for The Author School and came together to make it happen. They are passionate about helping authors, giving them accurate guidance and they genuinely want to see them succeed. This is why our prices are affordable but the quality is exceptional.

At The Author School, you are taught:

1. How to self publish a book successfully if this is the path you decide to go down.

2. Understand your options regarding the more traditional route to publishing.

3. Find out how to get your manuscript into the hands of top literary agents.

4. Learn the secret tips on how to market your book successfully without breaking the bank!

5. Build a strong understanding of how to collaborate, lead and inspire others to create your ideal publishing team.

The Author School is here to help you with your book journey! We will guide you through the process of becoming a published and successful author -  from manuscript to book launch. As well as A. Bello and Helen's guidance, each class has a special guest speaker, to provide additional insight and advice, from literary agents to publishers, editors to bloggers.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a debut writer, The Author School has something for everyone. Join us for the full day and get a huge amount of return on your investment or contact us if you want something more bespoke to your needs.

Our next full day of classes is

November 11th 2019

Venue: CitizenM London Bankside

Time: 10.00am - 5.15pm

Price: £50 (early bird rate) for a full day



Or... you can book a One-to-One with us! Perfect for those who have specific questions and would prefer individual attention with The Author School co-founders. We can answer around 10 questions during a two hour One-to-One meeting and give you an action plan in five simple steps. Abiola and Helen will meet you or run the session via Skype to answer all of your questions. The best thing about this option is that it is available word-wide - wherever you are in the world this is a fabulous opportunity to get access to experts to create a bespoke plan just for you and your book. PLUS we can submit the first three chapters of your manuscript to literary agents and publishers who have partnered with us. This will cost £129.

For more information on our classes and what you will gain from joining the exclusive Author School programme, please click Classes on the drop down menu above.



A. Bello and Helen Lewis have been asked to scout for literary agents and publishers who are looking for new talent. They have asked us to represent them and refer talented and relevant authors to them from The Author School! This is EXCLUSIVE to authors who book a One-to-One! 



Do you want to reach more people with your book? How about becoming our Recommended Read for the month. Send us an email abiolabello@theauthorschool.com if you would like us to consider your book.

To submit your book to be reviewed 

We at The Author School are of course obsessed with books! Which is why we are open for reviews of all books (self-published and traditional)

We cannot promise to review everything but we will do our best! If interested, please email abiolabello@theauthorschool.com giving us some information on your book. If we pick your book, we will need ONE copy of the book sent to us. All reviews will be listed here and across our social media.

Not eligible to any Hashtag Press books OR Literally PR books



Check out The Lil' Author Skool, where we have a range of opportunities for young writers under 21.  Make sure to enter for a chance to win some great prizes!


For any queries send us an email!