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We are really proud to be able to offer you a complete range of services to help you self-publish your book to a really high quality level. The biggest problem with self-publishing is its reputation. And this is due to the, frankly, rubbish books that are being churned out quickly that are full of typos, on cheap paper, with an awful cover design that has been hashed together last minute. At The Author School, we’ve been providing bespoke guidance to authors at all stages of the process – from debut writers still working on their first book idea to best-selling authors who have been traditionally published many times over.

The truth is, self-publishing can be a wonderful thing. So many doors can open for an author with the publication of their book… but it’s so important to make sure that the book represents you to the optimum.

We have seen self-published books thrive, particularly when they are produced to the best possible quality, and have gone through a production process that is good enough to rival the traditional process. There is no reason why you can’t have a beautiful book if you’re self-publishing.

Depending on your budget, your timeframe, your goals and ambitions, we have put together a range of self-publishing services for everyone! You can cherry pick the elements you want, to suit your budget, or you can ask us for advice and we’ll recommend what we think you need to achieve your goals!

First things first… Readers’ Report

A Readers’ Report (also known as a Manuscript Critique)

Cost: £15 per 1,000 words. Minimum payment of £50

We strongly recommend that everyone considering going down the route of self-publishing adds one of these to their shopping list. This is essential for you to know what needs to be done to your manuscript to get it into a publishable state, but it will also advise on the type of editing you’ll require, which genres/categories the book would work well in, what sort of audience it should appeal to, and even provide some suggestions of elements you could add/change/delete to make it perfect. If you’re thinking of going for a literary agent down the line, this document will be invaluable in your pitching. A Reader’s Report/ Manuscript Critique involves one of our team going through the manuscript and making comments on Word using Track Changes. It doesn’t include an edit or proofread! The Report will be around 5 pages long minimum and provide more detail and most importantly, next steps, for you and your manuscript. This can be for fiction or non-fiction.

A good edit is essential… Editing 

Why authors ever skip on the edit is beyond us! This is so important. Your book needs to be easy to read, it needs to make sense, it needs to be perfect! If you’re reading a book with typos and grammatical errors, crazy plotlines, the names of the characters keep changing, or the descriptions are either too much or too little, it is so distracting for the reader that they will put the book down. And then give it a bad review.

There are lots of different types of edit. We can help you work out which one you need. Remember, we work with top editors in the UK and US who have worked with / are still working with the best publishing houses in the world. This level of service is vital but doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Editing costs start at £100 and depend on the genre, the word count etc

Eliminate typos… Proofreading

Proofreading is also so important – and we recommend it’s done after you’ve finished working on all the editing, before it goes to print. You’ll need to have one final run-through, line-by-line once the manuscript is typeset too, to make sure you’ve not missed anything or any rogue errors haven’t crept in by mistake.

Cost: £4.50 per 1,000 words. Minimum fee of £40

Make the inside as beautiful as the outside… Typesetting

Typesetting is the word used to describe laying out the words on the page in a book format. It’s so much more than just cutting and pasting! It’s all about making it look GOOD. No small margins around the edge to cram in more words and make the page count lower. No sentences hanging from one page to the next. No cramming things in to get that print cost down. There are clever tricks that can be employed to make a book look beautiful without having to pay more for printing, of course, but there are also amazing things you can do with illustrations, chapter headings, quotes…

Cost: £1.40 per page for typesetting. £15 for a small chapter heading illustration using a design from the front cover. £40 to create one from scratch. Author will be sent the files to use on their social media/website etc to keep the book and marketing on brand.

Readers DO judge a book by its cover… Cover design

Cover design is so so so so important. Why? Because even online the first thing you’ll see is the book cover. And on the shelf in store it’s a deal-breaker. The spine is also so so so so important. The whole jacket needs to be designed well, not just the front cover. And again it’s necessary to get the essential design elements right here. You may want to get an illustrated cover, in which case you’ll need to pay for both illustration and cover design – potentially the same person will do both – or you’ll need to pay two people. We work with incredible illustrators and book cover designers. You could have a photograph-led cover, or a typography-led cover. What you don’t want is a cheap looking amateur cover because no matter how good the book is inside; the outside won’t do the sales job it needs to. Look at what covers are working in your category by going online and checking out the top 100 in your genre, or popping to your local bookshop and checking out the bestsellers list. Pick up the book, check out the spine, the back cover, as well as the front cover. What is working there can work for you too!

 Cost: Prices start from £400. We can help with providing the barcode too!

Making it real… Printing

Quality printing is not out of reach for self-published authors. We can help you set up an Amazon account and you can get your book printed by CreateSpace easily and quickly. This is a print-on-demand service (i.e. you don’t do a print run of hundreds or thousands, whenever the book is ordered a copy will be printed).

Cost: To get you set-up on Amazon to print your books on demand there is a one-off support fee of £120

You’ll then be ready to go and will get your royalties paid into the bank account you use when you set it all up!


Getting an e-version… eBook conversion

Print books are brilliant, we love them, but lots of people read on tablets, computers, phones, and once that conversion is made there are no other costs involved – it’s a great way to get your content out there in different formats. We can convert your manuscript into an eBook for Kindle.

Cost: £120

Social media support…

Building your online author platform can start even while you’re still writing the book. It’s best not to leave it until the last minute – just before publication – if you’re hoping to reach lots of people outside of your network. We can help get you started, set up your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but also regardless of how long you’ve had your accounts, we can work on connecting you with the right people, putting out targeted content, building up regular use of relevant hashtags and more…

Cost: From £75 per month


Shout from the rooftops! PR and marketing…

The Author School’s Co-Founder, Helen Lewis, also runs award-winning publicity agency Literally PR ( which has worked with hundreds of authors since 2012 to create PR and marketing campaigns that help authors get onto the radar of national newspapers, magazines, websites, celebrities, television and radio. They create a targeted campaign that sees books being reviewed and mentioned across the media. They have the contacts, experience and know-how to get your book the attention it deserves. When a book is featured in a national newspaper, an author is interviewed on a TV or radio show, or reviewed on a targeted website/online magazine, it can open up so many doors for that author – and result in a spike in sales. For more information contact

Cost: Prices start at £600


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