Submission Guidelines

We are looking for excellent new writers and are open for submissions.

We read every email that comes in and we are open to books that have already been published and need some extra love and attention. 

We only review submissions via email. Please email submissions@hashtagpress.co.uk

Fiction books: In subject heading address it to Abiola Bello.

Non-fiction books: In subject heading address it to Helen Lewis.

Please don't send the same book to both of us.


Please send the full manuscript if you have written it or just the parts you've already written if it's a work in progress - we're open to this.

A one-page (maximum) author biography

A pitch - just a couple of sentences, like a blurb of the book or elevator pitch. Imagine you find yourself in a lift with one of us - what would you tell us about your book that would make us want to contact you again once you get out of the lift?

If we are interested in your book we will be in touch within three weeks.

If you don't hear from us within three weeks, unfortunately it's a no. Due to the amount of submissions, we will not be able to provide individual feedback.

For any more information on Hashtag Press, please email info@hashtagpress.co.uk