The Author School's Digital Audit


We all know as authors that we need to build our author platform, both online and offline, but it’s difficult to know whether our time is being well spent. And if you’re starting from scratch, where do you begin, and where is best to focus?

At The Author School, we offer a Digital Audit service to help authors get on track and stay on track with their social media and build their online platform. For just £19.99, we will analyse your online presence, create a document that outlines the stats associated with your author name (and where possible, your book titles), and most importantly, explain where you are succeeding and where you could improve with a little help from your friends (aka Abiola and Helen!).

Before deciding whether you think you need to go ahead with an Author School Digital Audit, please take a couple of minutes to read this article:

Our Digital Audit Strategy includes:

·      How discoverable are you?

·      Who is your audience? Are you talking to them?

·      Where are you online?

·      What are you saying online?

·      Author website

·      Power of the landing page

·      Mailing list and community

·      Social media platform presence, engagement, relevance

·      Blogging (on your own blog and guest blogs)

·      Google ranking

·      How to better understand the importance of digital marketing and performance

·      Recommendations that you can action

All you have to do is provide us with your author name (i.e. if you write under a pseudonym we need that name) and titles of your books including publication dates.

Once we have that information, we do our research programme, analyse your discoverability, and provide you with a Digital Audit document including actionable recommendations.

If you’d like an hour Skype conversation with Helen and/or Abiola to follow up on our work there is an additional fee of £25. If you’d like us to work with you to develop your discoverability further we can provide ongoing support too.