It was a really well thought out schedule, at a stylish venue, with a great mix of guest speakers. Lots of takeaway value, so not just enjoyable but useful too.
— Karen Swayne, Features Editor for Prima Magazine




THE author SCHOOL day

Full-Day Programme





Registration starts from 9.30am. If you arrive early please give us time to set up by waiting in the foyer downstairs. The first class will begin at 10am.


The Author School offers an unrivalled, fun and informative day that is designed for authors at all stages of their journey. Whether you've not yet written a word, or have had hundreds of books published, you are guaranteed to learn a lot from spending the day with us at The Author School. You'll make friends (fellow authors!) for life, contacts that you can call upon for years, and pick up tips and ideas that you can start using immediately. We founded The Author School in 2015 to provide balanced, unbiased, honest, practical advice to authors in a confusing world of mixed messages. We've been working in publishing for many years from different perspectives and have made lots of lovely contacts over these years. We invite our trusted friends and colleagues to join us on these special day-long events to share their knowledge with you. Investing less than £100 into your author career, and taking just one day out of your week to focus fully on your writing, will produce amazing results!







Class 1



Speaker: Co-founder Abiola Bello

Guest speaker:

There are so many ways to get published now and it can be a bit overwhelming, but we see it as an amazing time to be an author! You may think you want to go down the traditional route, because that is what 'authors do', right? You may believe there is still a snobbery surrounding self-publishing, and fearful of the vanity publishing term. But, remember, there are many routes to market, and exceptionally good books will be read and loved by readers, regardless of whether they were published by one of the big five or by the author's own imprint! The Author School will help you figure out the best route for you and your book, to suit your personal ambitions and goals as a writer. There are many options available for authors now - that is the beauty of this incredible, fast-evolving industry but it's also very difficult to know what's right for you. It's also tricky to keep track of publishing trends, challenges, opportunities, new start-ups, dodgy scams...the list goes on and on. We will help you make sense of the publishing landscape based on our own experiences and the lessons we've learned over the years from industry experts. 

We will discuss hybrid publishing, traditional publishing, self-publishing, setting up your own imprint, building your own publishing team and school visits.

We will take your questions and offer bespoke advice to suit you.

Afterwards, you will be emailed a list of self-publishing, traditional publishing, innovative start up companies and literary agents that you will be able to contact


Class 2


PITCHING to literary agents

Guest speaker:

This is an incredible, unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear from the key decision makers in the publishing world...we will hear from each of them as to what they look for from a pitch, what they want to see/hear, and how authors can help themselves stand a stronger chance of being signed. 

We will then open up to a Q&A, enabling the small number of delegates who attend our exclusive Author School Day, to ask the questions they've always wanted to ask an agent. We are thrilled with this opportunity and hope you really make the most of it! 

4 lucky authors will have the chance to pitch directly to the literary agent!



This is your chance to chat to network, and take some time out to let your brain rest before the afternoon session! Lunch is available at the venue or you can pop out to any of the local shops and cafes to grab yourself something to eat. 


Class 3




Guest speaker:

In the UK, a book is published every 20 minutes. A new book is no longer newsworthy. So how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you build a buzz for your book? How should you be using social media as an author? How do you take an amazing #Bookstagram picture of your book? How do you reach the bestseller slot on Amazon? What works best: blogging or tweeting? When should you start working on promoting your book and where? What strategies does the team at LitPR use to create campaigns that see billions of people reading about a book/author? How important is the author story and how do you work out what media angles are going to be most appealing?

Finally, what can you do be doing, right now, as authors to help yourself? This session will be a mix of presentation and interactive tasks including a Q&A.

Class 4


The author journey

Guest speakers:

We are really excited about this session as we truly believe that the best way to learn is to listen to other writers' experiences. We all have different journeys as authors, but it's so helpful to understand how successful authors have got to where they are today. We are lucky enough to be joined by authors who are happy to talk about how their writing process, as well as their publishing journey, what is expected of them as writers in terms of branding, marketing and PR, and their top tips for success. There will be an opportunity to ask questions too!





Guest speaker:

Learn all the tools to get your book adapted for book to film - TV and screen. Learn how to pitch to a production company and more


 End of the day!


Sadly it's time to go! But please check out the flyers and information, print-outs and business cards at the back of the room, leave your message on the notice board and please remember to share your feedback with us and tell your friends! The next Author School Day will be held early 2019 in London!