The Waiting Gate by J Merrill Forrest

The Waiting Gate by J Merrill Forrest


Signed paperback copy

"Where do you think they go, the patients who no longer seem to be aware of themselves or their surroundings? I mean, take Simon. One moment he's angry and shouting, the next it's as if he's simply left his body behind and gone somewhere. Some of the patients are like that all the time, never having lucid moments at all, and I've always wondered ... where do they go?" Alex Kelburn, introduced in 'Flight of the Kingfisher' doesn't just believe in life after death, he knows it to be real. A charismatic psychic medium he works hard to bring comfort to the bereaved. When he meets Erin, a dementia care nurse, and sees first-hand the amazing work she and others like her do, he is determined to help. It is while trying to discover how a little girl died, after her remains are found buried in a shallow grave, that he unlocks many answers. Not only does he unravel the truth behind this tragic death, but he also finds answers to Erin's question, 'where do they go?', offering unusual comfort to those watching loved ones slip into the grip of dementia.

“The story itself is emotive, real, insightful; you'll find yourself reading it and the story lingering with you for days, weeks, months...or in my case, years, after you've finished” - Helen Lewis

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