What Exactly IS a Positive Mindset? By Neeta Oza

By Neeta Oza, author of the My Mini-Micro Mindset Manual (January 2019, Hashtag Press) and My Back To Basics Business Bible (May 2019, Hashtag Press) 

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A positive mindset, to be exact, is knowing that whatever happens, everything is going to be OK. There are going to be horrendous events occurring, left, right and centre that will challenge our very being, our essence and our soul.

This is all part of the experience of Life.

We may fall down on numerous occasions, over things that are big and things that are small, but the secret is to know that it is actually all relative.

We may stay down as we bombard ourselves with heavy thoughts from the past, to the present and future that make us feel like we cannot rise again, yet, every time, we know that optimistically, all is possible.

We may use all our energy, striving to get back up, trying to maintain momentum to remain there, with the knowledge that at some point, we will fall again.

It is OK to fall.

It is one of the most natural things we do as humans, and we only know how to feel good, from leaving a place of feeling absolutely blah.

Yet, I also feel that over time this is a pattern that healthily changes, as we mentally stand tall and use our powerful positive mindset to prevent us from falling so often; come what may.

When I need to clear my mind, I focus on sharpening my alignment, through the best of self-care; mantras, silence, pampering, solitude, exercise and nutritious food.

Using these points of focus enables me to be the best version of myself when it comes to my health, family and friends, love, and business.

Amongst all the trauma, trials and tribulations, it is a gift to live this life.

Would it be as interesting if everything was smooth and silky all the time? Probably not. The hiccups stealthily build our character and make us the incredible beings that we are today.

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