Why getting an agent was different for me this time round

By Abiola Bello, co-founder of The Author School

Author of Emily Knight I am... and Emily Knight I am...Awakened



I fired my agent last year. I had two choices—deal with your current situation or change it up. As an author, I know how hard it is getting an agent (I waited years!!) but just because you get one, it doesn't mean that they are the right one for you. 

I wrote a new story - a YA book - and sent it to my agent. She said she really liked it but I didn't get the vibe that she had read it.. She said she was sending it out but for some reason I didn't believe it. I had to shake myself and say WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I've waited too long for an agent and I need one who is like me and just goes 100% in. I agonised over it. Wasn't it worth having an agent even if they aren't perfect? Hell no! 

So I let my agent go last year and started submitting for my new book. The response was like night and day from when I did this in my early twenties. I had loads of positive responses and an offer from an agent. I even have publishing houses asking me to send me my book directly (or with the big ones) when I get an agent. The biggest difference was my confidence. I knew I had written a damn good original commercial book and had amazing editors working on it.

It's hard and it's tough but don't give up on the agent search. Maybe book 1 and 2 isn't for them and who cares? If you write with a commercial mindset, you will get the right agent. Trust me on that. Keep investing in your dream. It pays off. 

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