The Book Business

By Daisy White, Author & Literary Entrepreneur (Founder of Booktique)

Daisy’s YA novel, Taming Tigers, is published by Melange Books’ Fire and Ice Imprint (July 2015)

Self-publishing is now a route to writing success, but you need to choose your goal carefully. With millions of books available on Amazon you as an author need to not only write a cracking book, but also edit it, find a cover, proof read, edit again (x 50!), publish it, market it... the list goes on and on and can be quite daunting.

Firstly you need to find out where you are going as an author – is it a business? Is just for pleasure? Or do you ultimately want to sign a traditional publishing contract? For me, it was all three, but I knew that I needed to find something that made me stand out as an author, as well as writing that all-important cracking story.

Having self-published two books on a totally DIY basis I always knew I wanted to find a traditional publisher, and count myself very lucky to have done so. My publisher, Melange Books signed my debut YA fantasy, Taming Tigers, in 2014 and it is now out on pre-order. All the nuts and bolts I learnt during self-publishing, including marketing, are now coming together and I am obsessively checking the rankings (back in a familiar place!) to see how the pre-orders are coming on – pretty good so far...

Before I sent my manuscript out to publishers I had a professional critique (and rewrote half the book!) but I also gave the cover letter a whole load of attention. What am I rubbish at? (Self-editing! I try so hard, but I know I see what should be there and when someone points out a typo it is likea kick in the guts...) What am I good at? (Marketing!) What are publishers asking authors to take on more of? Yup, marketing. So I focused on what I could do to help launch the book and I guess it worked.

I treat my writing like my business – I know I want the book to sell so I get on with all available routes to get this done. Of course I love writing, and I am a totally bookworm when given the chance, but I realise that you need to have clear goals to succeed in anything – the book business is no different to any other in that respect. As an author you need to work hard, take critique head-on (or zip up that rhino hide thick-skin suit!) and accept that once the book goes out to the readers we’re all in the same boat (back to those Amazon rankings!).

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